About the Program

Has a nurse made an impact on you or a loved one's life?

StarMedia has been the proud host of Salute to Nurses since 2003. Salute to Nurses celebrates nursing professionals across Indiana who are truly an inspiration to all. With staffing shortages and increasing demands, our honorees have found ways to go above and beyond in providing care and comfort to patients and their families.

The Salute to Nurses program has honored dozens of nurses and nurse educations for their selfless service and the tireless care they provide to their patients across the years. This year’s event will be held on April 27th, 2016 at The Crane Bay.

From neonatal units to senior care facilities, nurses play a vital role in the health of our community. Our honorees are chosen from submissions from patients and peers. If a nurse has touched your life, or deserves recognition for their dedication to improving our community, please submit a nomination as a thank you for their care.

Nominate a Nurse Today

Use the form below to nominate a nurse for going above and beyond in providing exceptional care, compassion and dedication in their daily work.

Please share your story of how this nurse demonstrated one or more of the following in their work.

  • How did this nurse demonstrate care that is out of the ordinary?
  • How did this nurse make a special connection or difference in the life of a patient/family?
  • How did this nurse serve as a role model for other members of the healthcare team and/or the nursing profession?

These questions above are meant to serve as prompts to help you tell us about what this nurse did that made you want to nominate them for the an award. Feel free to create your own unique narrative if none of these apply to your experience.

Nominations for 2016 Salute to Nurses are now closed. Thank you so much for you interest.



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