The nomination process has now ended

Hundreds of nominations were submitted this year, and on April 23rd five outstanding individuals will be recognized for their commitment to the nursing profession, one of which will be awarded the prestigious Nurse of the Year title. The corresponding section will publish within The Indianapolis Star on Sunday, May 4th to kick off National Nurses Week. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming event, please contact Andrea Gilman at (317) 444-7217


About the program

Star Media is proud to host the 12th annual Salute to Nurses. This event enables us to honor nurses and nurse educators from around the state who provide selfless service and tireless dedication to their communities.

Salute to Nurses celebrates nursing professionals, who are truly an inspiration to all. In this time of staffing shortages and increasing demands, our honorees have found ways to go above and beyond in providing care and comfort to their patients and their patients' families.

Our nominees work in a variety of settings, from hospitals to elementary schools, and the commitment and passion they demonstrate is apparent to all.

You can contact Salute to Nurses at 317-444-7350.


What is Salute to Nurses?

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How do I nominate a nurse?

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