Find your match, meet your conservation hero

Are you more of a lusty lemur or a romantic whale? The winner of the $250,000 Indianapolis Prize – the world’s largest animal-conservation award – will be announced May 13 by the Indianapolis Zoo. The work of the six finalists has a broad reach, but each has a soft spot for one of the following at-risk creatures: Lemur; jaguar; whales; muskoxen; kestrels and turtles. Take our quiz to find out which animal you are, learn more about these six conservation heroes – and find out what you can do to make a difference.

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    When you see a potential mate you are attracted to, you:

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    The first thing people often notice about you is:

  3. IndyStar Quiz

    In your free time, you enjoy:

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    If you could only wear one color or pattern for life, it would be:

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    In your world, females are ideally:

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    Your favorite author is:

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    Socially, you like to hang out with your:

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    You consider the following a culinary delight:

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    You encounter a competitor. To keep him or her away, you:

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    Historically, you would like to be remembered because:

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    You're a Lemur

    That makes you one of the most endangered vertebrates on earth. Deforestation of your natural habitat, combined with hunting, put the future of your species at risk. But you do have a conservation hero -- Patricia Wright, a primatologist at Stony Brook University, who helped create Ranomafana National Park in Madagascar, where you and your kind are protected. (Meet Patricia Wright)

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    You're a Jaguar

    Humans are converting your natural habitat for their own purposes and overhunting the smaller prey you rely on for sustenance. Because your desires and needs are often at odds with those of humans, you are sometimes shot and even poisoned. But you do have a conservation hero -- Gerardo Ceballos, who conducted Mexico's first-ever countrywide census of the jaguar population and who is now working to ensure your species' preservation. (Meet Gerardo Ceballos)

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    You're a Whale

    Not all whale species are endangered, but many species, especially among the great whales, are endangered or vulnerable. You're at risk of getting tangled in commercial fishing nets, or being hunted yourself. But you do have a conservation hero -- Carl Safina, an author and conservationist and founder of the Blue Ocean Institute, which strives to preserve the world's marine environments. (Meet Carl Safina)

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    You're a Turtle

    Hunting and habitat loss have rendered many turtle and tortoise species at risk or endangered. About half of the more than 300 turtle and tortoise species are endangered, making them more vulnerable than any vertebrates other than primates. But you do have a conservation hero -- Russell Mittermeier, president of Conservation International, which has a project devoted to saving sea turtles. (Meet Russell Mittermeier)

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    You're a Muskox

    Climate change is thought to have led to your species' population decline in recent years. You and your brethren in the Arctic just prefer the world a few degrees cooler than it's been. But you do have a conservation hero -- Joel Berger, a professor at University of Montana, who been studying you and your kind for the past eight years, trying to learn why the muskox population can thrive in certain areas and is shrinking in others. (Meet Joel Berger)

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    You're a Kestrel

    At one point, there were only four of you left. Non-indigenous animals brought to the island by human immigrants, combined with deforestation, brought you to the brink of extinction. But you do have a conservation hero -- Carl Jones, a Welsh scientist, who systematically bred the birds so that the population today now numbers in the hundreds. (Meet Carl Jones)

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